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How to strap a kayak to a roof rack

Trip time? Are you worried about carrying your kayak? To strap your kayak on the roof rack of your car is a better choice. By doing this, your kayak will be safe and will not take any particular space in your car. But how do I do it? Many of you may not be aware of tying a kayak to the roof rack of the car. Don’t worry as we will prov d ng you with every single information in detail that you need to know about strapping a kayak to the roof rack of your cars. Who can all do It? Do you need an expert or helping hand? There is no need for an expert In tying a kayak to a roof rack. and you need a helping hand that can help you lift the kayak as the Size of kayak may be big and hard to handle by a single person.

By following some simple steps, anyone amongst us can do this Simple task.

What all do I need?

To strap a kayak to the roof rack of your vehicle: you would require some essential objects and tools. These are:

  1. Crossbar: also known as load bars these help to build a mounting point for the objects you need to carry. These have an inbuilt locking capability make your work simpler.
  2. Towers: also known as feet, these play a supporting role. These are attached to the four corners of the roof rack.
  3. Landing pads: also known as fit kits. these help mount the feet to your cars. These are necessary for all the cars: as the cars with factory-installed raised rails do not require them.
  4. Lashing straps: also known as ratchet straps or tie-down straps: this help to tie the strap around the cargo and even in attaching the cargo.
  5. Bow and stern lines: also known as stern straps: these play the role of securing your kayak on the roof rack. You can use a rope as an alternative: but that would not be safe.
  6. Cam buckles: being the proper partner for those straps cam buckles help in strapping and supporting your kayak.

Task and steps!

Perform this simple task of strapping your kayak to the roof rack of your car; you need to follow some easy steps properly. These steps are:

  1. To lift it: Depending upon the size of kayak you firstly need to decide what can you lift it alone or not. If not. then with the help of someone lift the kayak. While lifting makes sure that the front also known as now and back: also known as the stern of the kayak should be above the front and back of the car respectively.
  2. Place it right: move the kayak as required to centre it between the roof rack bars and the two sides of the car. Neither close nor far to any Side the kayak should be placed at the centre.
  3. Let us tie it up: now is the time for picking up those tie-down straps. Firstly you need to loop this strap under the roof rack bar and then run the strap over the kayak. Do this process on both the sides of the kayak.
  4. Loop it up: loop the straps that you sent over the kayak. To loop it you must use the same roof rack bar and the other side of the kayak. Loop it up properly.
  5. The cam buckle: now to completely secure your kayak you need to buckle up the strap. By simply inserting the bare end of the tie-down strap into the cam buckle and then pulling it. you can buckle up your strap. Be careful: as you need to tighten up the tie-down strap with the cam buckle to secure your kayak: but not that tight that it could damage your kayak.
  6. Buckle up the other side: repeat the same process of buckling up the tie-down strap with the cam buckle on the other side too. By doing this, you Will secure your kayak completely.
  7. Wrap it up: wrap the tie-down strap ends around the roof rack bars to prevent any damage.
  8. Secure it up: Now secure your kayak by tying several knots as to avoid any of its possibility of getting loose.
  9. The bow and stern: Now is the time to hook the bow and stern of the kayak to the car. To do this step: firstly you need to insert the hooks at the ends of the bowline and stern line through the tie-down strap loops of the bow and stern of the kayak. Now: hook the other ends of the bowline and stern lines to the tow hook under the bumper.
  10. Tighten those bow and stern lines: pull the bowline and stern line through the cam buckle nicely. On doing this: you will be able to tighten the bowline and stern line successfully. gut be careful: do not tighten too much as It could damage your kayak also.
  11. Secure the loose end: wrap the loose ends of the bowline and stern line around the rest of the lines.

Now: after doing this tie multiple knots so that the loose ends do not come out.